Encountering Christ in Holy Scripture with Lectio Divina


Encountering Christ - Lectio Divina

  1. Lectio Divina, as you may know, is a method – a discipline – of listening to Scripture in such a way as to hear Christ, and hearing Him, to become transformed in Him. It is ancient, simple, powerful and effective in a heart that is open to Him. There are four traditional steps to the method, with a fifth step now often added as well. The four steps are these:
    • Lectio – prayerful listening to some passage of Scripture,
    • Meditatio – meditating upon the passage,
    • Oratio – praying in response to the passage, and
    • Contemplatio – a quiet resting in contemplation with Him.
    • The fifth step – Actio – is enacting the truth of the passage in one’s own life.

  2. These simple steps can be challenging, in our very busy lifestyles and culture.  To listen to Scripture requires of us a certain discipline - an attentiveness, a respect, an intention, and precious time!

  3. Here are some of the specific challenges that need to be met, in practicing Lectio Divina:

  4. Bullet (To practice Lectio) – We are called to hold an attitude of proper reverence in the presence of The Holy in Scripture.  In the company of solitude and of silence with His word, we are called to listen.  This is counter-cultural, in a culture that often glorifies irreverence, group-think and noise.

  5. Bullet(To practice Meditatio) – We are called to listen for an objective and absolute revealed Truth.  Here, in the midst of an obsessively relativistic and skeptical age, we are challenged as well to submit to such Truth sincerely, personally, authentically.

  6. Bullet (To practice Oratio) – We are called to an offering of consecration – a radically faithful self-offering of personal consecration in our prayer to God.  This can seems starkly out of place in our culture of independence, autonomy, emptiness and loneliness.

  7. Bullet(To practice Contemplatio) – We are called, most deeply and most personally, into a communion in love with God in His word. Here, we are touching something crucial to Christian life and indeed to our very humanity!  Here too, this is a challenge: in the secular world surrounding us, a culture dominated by pragmatism and utilitarianism, such a call to love is radical.

  8. These challenges – reverence, solitude, silence, Truth, consecration, communion, love – these challenges are essentials! Human persons were made for these precious realities, yet look how impoverished our world has become: these treasures are so rare. They are denied, discarded, suppressed, often not even acknowledged as existing! They have become for many as meaningless dreams or ideals, so poor is our world today. Thus the crying need for discovery – or rediscovery – of them, to rightly judge this culture so empty of them.

  9. Catholics have been given so much, and the world is in need of so much! If Catholics discover or rediscover, and embrace, what God has entrusted to us – then, perhaps, we can be the light that this darkening world needs. The darkness is growing, and so then is the need. May the Lord help us to become the help so needed, for to whom much is given, much will be required. There is much given, in the holy word of Scripture. Lectio Divina can help us find it.

  1. Encountering Christ in Holy Scripture with Lectio Divina

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For Catholics - For all Christians

This little book is written first for Catholics, by a Catholic.  But it is offered also for all Christians, by a fellow Christian who used to be a non-Catholic.  All Christians, including of course Catholics, find in Holy Scripture the true and trustworthy words of God meant to reveal God to us, and to draw us into Him in Christ.  In the book are a few recommendations specific to us in the Catholic Faith, but the method of Lectio Divina in general developed in the Church long before the word “Protestant” ever entered our vocabulary!  Lectio remains a gift for us all.